Contractor for Kitchen Remodel Port St Lucie FL – Kitchen Remodel Mistakes To Avoid


Contractor for Kitchen Remodel Port St Lucie FL – Kitchen Remodel Mistakes To Avoid

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Updating your kitchen can be an exciting venture for the entire family as the kitchen is the heart of every home. While you are putting your new kitchen ideas together keep these remodeling tips in mind. Below are some common kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid.


Kitchen Remodeling Tips – Remodeling Contractor Port St. Florida


We have years of experience helping our clients incorporate all types of kitchen design elements. A well-planned kitchen island layout provides the proper traffic flow and a great space for working, cooking, and entertaining.


Here are some common kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid when planning your new kitchen.


Don’t let your dream kitchen become a remodel nightmare! Avoid these 7 common kitchen remodel mistakes.


  1. Not planning for the space. If you are short on space, then plan accordingly for the space you have. Some layouts are too big for the space you have. Creative rearranging can open up small spaces as well as removing unnecessary walls.


  1. Choosing appliances last. The sooner the better. Make sure they fit into the design of your cabinets and space or you may have to spend more to find unstandard sizes.


  1. Not enough workspace. If you are remodeling your kitchen for a more functional layout make sure you are adding the workspace you need.


  1. Not enough power outlets. Picture all your appliances and especially the ones you’ll be using on a regular basis. Having plenty of power outlets is something you’ll be glad you planned for.


  1. Not having good ventilation. Having a real ventilation system either a ducted range hood or a downdraft vent hood is more efficient than a recirculating ductless hood. The choice is yours, so make sure you choose a good one for your new kitchen.


  1. Choosing looks over function. Some things overlooked are when the oven doesn’t have enough room when it’s opened; the counter top requires too much upkeep for your lifestyle; and the whole family can’t sit comfortably at the kitchen island.


  1. Not hiring a professional! You want to hire a residential contractor who can do the job right and that’s Home Renovations By Jeffrey Scott.


At Home Renovations By Jeffrey Scott we can design and build a custom kitchen with a functional layout for your space.


Let us build the kitchen of your dreams.  Call Jeffrey Scott today to discuss your new kitchen renovation project 772-919-5340.


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Contractor for Kitchen Remodel Port St Lucie FL – Kitchen Remodel Mistakes To Avoid