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Gussi Marine Steering Wheels – Gussi Boat Steering Wheel Syntec Industries
Gussi Italia Marine Steering Wheel

We are proud to announce our line of luxury steering wheels for boats. Gussi Italia creates the finest luxury marine steering wheels in the world – an expression of innovative thinking and ergonomic design.  This is what makes a Gussi boat steering wheel handle better than others.

The weighting and balance of a Gussi marine steering wheel magnifies the performance attributes of a boat and gives a sense of enhanced stability giving a truly pleasurable connection with your vessel or craft.

Beautiful, durable, and available in over 60 gorgeous designs, Gussi Italia® boat steering wheels are rugged enough for the rigors of boating yet refined enough to sit among Italy’s greatest masterpieces. They turn effortlessly within a captain’s hands, providing exceptional control, quick response, and an impressive grip. We guarantee that once you get your hands on a Gussi Italia®, you’ll never want to let go.

Genuine mahogany, exotic hardwoods, stainless steel, fine leather – these are just a few of the quality materials that go into our steering wheels. Each is meticulously designed by hand by craftsmen who have a passion for their craft. They are as proud to make such a high-quality wheel as you will be to hold one.

Syntec offers 4 Gussi marine steering wheel collections – Gussi Italia Entry Collection, Gussi Italia Prestige Collection, Gussi Italia Luxury Collection, and Gussi Italia Saltwater Collection. Each collection showcases premier Italian craftsmanship at its finest.

Visit us online to learn more about our full line of products.

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