reFLEX Marine Decking – Marine Matting Foam Boat Flooring Review

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reFLEX Marine Decking – Marine Matting Foam Boat Flooring Review
reFLEX Marine Flooring

Our customers agree that reFLEX marine decking is the best choice in foam boat flooring. ReFLEX is built stronger, grips tighter, lasts longer and stays cleaner than other marine matting competitors. reFLEX boat decking provides an extremely durable yet highly comfortable non-slip, stain-resistant surface. Doesn’t your boat deserve the look and power of reFLEX?

WHAT MAKES reFLEX THE BETTER CHOICE IN BOAT DECKING?  Proven through testing reflex is made from safe, but powerful Polyethylene (PE) foam. Manufactured with a high-density, closed-cell polyethylene (PE) foam, reFLEX is proven to outperform competing EVA and cross-linked foam products. To take things to a whole other level, we also created truGRAIN, an exclusive manufacturing process that adds several proven performance enhancements. It’s a difference that you can SEE and FEEL! You can learn more about the reFLEX testing process here

ReFLEX COLORS & STYLES AND THICKNESSES.  Available in a variety of styles, colors and thicknesses, reFLEX Marine Decking adds character to any craft, from small fishing boats to the largest luxury yacht. reFLEX has the ability to cut, router and laser all types of custom graphics, logos and patterns and we are constantly updating our library of designs as we continue to push the envelope of innovation. You can check out the reFLEX color and style options here
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Reflex Marine Decking – Marine Matting Foam Boat Flooring Review