reFLEX Marine Decking PE Foam – reFLEX Best Quality Boat Flooring Options

reFLEX Marine Decking PE Foam – reFLEX Best Quality Boat Flooring Options


Hey there, welcome to the 2020 Syntec Marine Expo. My name is Ryan Paris and I’m here with Mike Meyer our Business Unit Manager for reFLEX. We wanted to talk a little bit about the reFLEX product and what makes it different than the other products that are out there in the industry. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about that.


Sure, so, the biggest difference between us and our competitors is the actual foam that we use. reFLEX is made with a PE foam as opposed to most everybody out there is using an EVA foam. That PE foam really lends itself to greater durability and dimensional stability than what else we see out there.


Right, so we’ve moved into a new facility now we’re fabricating and manufacturing this product. What are some of the unique differences to this product that others don’t have.


Sure, well the biggest thing is the True Grain Finish. The True Grain Finish is a process that Syntec developed, its proprietary, and it really gives reFLEX the look and feel that much more closely resembles real teak while at the same time it increases the durability, surface finish, and dimensional stability of the product.


Right, so that’s one of the things that Syntec has done with not just reFLEX, but a lot of their products, all their products – putting it through rigorous testing and that’s something that we’ve done over this past year and a half or so, to really show that performance difference with reFLEX with True Grain Finish, right. Absolutely.


Now, tell us a little bit about things that we do differently not just from a product standpoint, but some of the stuff that we’ve developed, and you’ve worked with your team on to where we can digitize and design these boats for these builders much faster and more precise.


Sure, well we approach the digitizing process a lot differently than everybody else out there. We actually take digital photographs of your boat, and we extract real three-dimensional information, build a true three-dimensional model of the boat which allows us to make very precise pads that fit your boat exactly.


Right, so there’s no more of the mylar kits and probe tracers and all that stuff, so we’ve eliminated that. And that’s something we can take to the boat builder itself, right, it’s not just something we do ourselves.


Absolutely, we can come out to you, digitize the boat, and short order and our CAD team at ReFLEX can actually work with photographs of your boat, so they can actually see the results of what they’re designing right in front of them. Wow, that’s awesome.


Now, some of the other things that we do as well inside our facility is some of the laser patterning and laser stuff that you see on boats now with new graphics and things. Tell us a little bit about what reFLEX can do there and kind of where we have taken it.


Sure, well you know there’s a lot of companies out there using the lasers, and anybody can put a logo on a pad, but what we’ve really done is with our impact patterning. We can actually add a finish with a laser, it gives it a whole other look and texture that’s really unique and again increases the durability and dimensional stability of the product.


Man, that’s neat. So, the new products that we’re promoting out there to our customers is not just the laser patterning and laser graphics, that you can see behind us, but also that impact pattern—where we’re taking basically True Grain to the next level, right? Absolutely.


Yeah, so that’s something that’s really unique with ReFLEX and Syntec and the amount of investment and time that they spend in product development, testing, and performance capabilities.


So, if you’d like to learn more about the reFLEX product, where you can get it, how it can fit for you, please reach out to one of our sale reps, go onto our website, because we’d like to work with you.



ReFLEX is a division of Syntec Industries.  Visit our reFLEX website for more information


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ReFLEX Marine Decking PE Foam – reFLEX Best Quality Boat Flooring Options


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