Stuart Fl Bath Remodel Contractors – Bathroom Remodeling

Stuart Fl Bath Remodel Contractors – Bathroom Remodeling

If you are thinking about a bath remodel in Stuart, Florida there are some project tips to keep in mind.  At Home Renovations By Jeffrey Scott updating your bathroom with a fresh design is our specialty – no matter the bathroom size.


We provide custom expert remodeling advice based on your style, budget, and timeline working with you every step of the way. We are very comfortable using textured and organic elements and incorporating the latest styles. Bathroom and shower conversions with seating for those with mobility issues can keep your bathroom remodel a safer place.


We know how to create stylish updated bathrooms that will fit within your budget. Your bathroom remodel can turn your bathroom into a relaxing, special oasis that you will look forward to each day.


When making your bathroom renovation decisions here is a handy checklist that you may not have considered:


Of course you need to determine your budget and design your new bathroom around it.  Take your time searching and then choosing the right contractor. Check online reviews and ask friends and neighbors for referrals. Search until you find your design style and functionality. Then you can choose the right mix of colors, textures and plumbing fixtures that fit your personal style. Be realistic about your renovation goals and if your bathroom space is small, then updating the look and style will be your goal. Don’t forget ventilation. It is important to whisk away moisture that could lead to mold problems down the road. Bathroom ventilation designs today are added as décor and additional lighting.  Storage never goes out of style. Adding plenty of storage areas to your new bathroom renovation will help your bathroom look larger.


Multiple lighting fixture styles can help you create a more relaxing and spa-like space with brighter areas and softer areas. This can help create a calming space for whenever you need it.  Whatever you do, to enjoy your new bathroom, keep your design easy to clean. You want not only a new bathroom that looks great, but one that is easy to clean and maintain.  When you have a smaller budget one way to update your new bathroom is using new fixtures throughout. It’s an exciting time to remodel your bathroom with so many new fixture styles and functionality.   Finally, ensure all your building materials, including vanity tops and flooring, are waterproof to for lasting beauty.


What are you waiting for? Call Home Renovations By Jeffrey Scott today to discuss your new bath remodel project 772-919-5340.


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Stuart Fl Bath Remodel Contractors – Bathroom Remodeling