Syntec Industries – reFLEX Marine Decking PE Foam


Syntec Industries – reFLEX Marine Decking PE Foam


What do our customers have to say about Syntec Industries most popular PE Foam marine decking – reFLEX?  See what Chris has to say here…

“When you catch something off of something that you created it’s probably the coolest thing… you don’t have to go to the store

Like you can sit in your garage, tie something up and go.

My name is Chris White.  I live in Jacksonville Florida.

I got the boat really set up for what I wanted to do for inshore fishing.  The boat is set up to be very tactical and anything added to the boat is for a reason.

I was looking for something from a marine traction standpoint; when I was looking at a product I wanted something that was going to give me both the durability, some protection, but also give me the quiet factor.

That’s really important because when you get up on fish that are very skittish you need something that’s going to help you so you don’t have a rod when you put it down it  bangs up against the fiberglass or a tacklebox.

So after doing my research online I reached out to reflex as they’re the only company that uses PE foam.  It was something that I was interested in, the durability of it, the way it can withstand stains. It goes here on top of the casting platform; If you’re back on a poling platform, or if you have a long run that you want to make and you want to sit down for awhile.  It gives you that good cushion comfort level that you wouldn’t get when you’re sitting up against just hard fiber glass.

The fishing I like to do the most when I have enough time to support it is fly fishing.  I love conventional spin fishing, salt water inshore targeting redfish, trout.  Some days live bait but whenever I can when the winds are down or whatever I can get a flood tide…  really getting out and throwing some flies.”


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Syntec Industries – reFLEX Marine Decking PE Foam