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Everyone loves the look of teak decking on a boat right? But authentic teak decking has many drawbacks especially short life span. That’s why reFLEX marine Decking gives you the look and beauty of teak as well as it’s non-slip properties that boat owners need.

Why reFLEX Teak Boat Flooring?

reFLEX marine teak flooring is manufactured with our exclusive truGRAIN finish and the incredible durability of polyethylene (PE) foam that is superior to EVA foam.  Our PE foam thicknesses from 5MM to 10MM provide a highly comfortable non-slip, stain-resistant surface superior to our competitors.  Our truGRAIN technology provides a better look, feel, strength, and stability while protecting your deck against scratches and it feels great on bare feet!

Although our faux teak boat flooring is one of our most popular products ReFLEX marine decking is available in a wide variety of styles and colors, and adds character to any craft, from small fishing boats to the largest luxury yacht.  You can personalize your deck, flooring, and marine mats with custom designs, logos and patterns.

reFLEX has the ability to cut, router and laser all types of graphics, logos and patterns and we are constantly updating our library of designs as we continue to push the envelope of innovation.

When you find your perfect combination of color, style, and texture the next step is to locate one of our reFLEX Certified installers near you and have your marine matting professionally installed for you.

Our certified reFLEX installers can come to you, answer any questions you may have, and digitize your boat measurements, ensuring a precise professional installation.

Our customers tell us that reFLEX marine decking is quite simply the best looking and the longest lasting foam boat flooring around and you will too.

Visit us online to learn more about reFLEX boat decking colors and styles and to find a reFLEX certified installer near you.

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Teak Boat Flooring ReFLEX Marine Decking – Faux Teak Boat Decking